Chef Castaldo and his team carefully anchor the entire menu using as much as our own garden or hothouse grown produce, hand picked each morning from our local Harvest Hill Farm.  We do not use any pesticides or synthetic chemicals to enhance the glorious fruits and vegetables that we provide for your enjoyment.

     Why not reap the rewards and try some of our fabulous far grown produce, house cured meats, marinated olives & fresh cheeses.  We have a wonderful array of jarred goods for you to purchase and enjoy at home or give as great gifts!

We proudly offer:


Tomato Basil Marinara

Hot Italian Frying Peppers

Harvest Hill's Pickled Eggplant

Fresh Beet Salsa

Jersey Tomato Parmesan Soup

Triple Berry Jelly

Fresh Jersey Tomato Salsa
Marinated Sundried Tomatoes
Spiked Fresh Cherries w/Chocolate Liquor
Jersey Peach & Ginger Sauce
Fabulous House Made Sauerkraut
Bread & Butter Pickels
Garden Herb & Spice Pickels
Spiced Spears Pickels
Mustard Dill Pickels
Sweet Pickel Relish
Pickeled Tender Green Beans
Pickeled Veggies
Marinated Hens Of The Woods Mushrooms
Sweet & Spicy Tomato Chili Sauce